Some pictures of me

In the Village Hall at Newcastleton.

On the beach at Sibari.

Frank Wales and I in the mirror room in the ducal palace in Corigliano

Me talking (in the mirror room again)

Back at Sibari.

In the rain by an outdoor church, Sibari.

Talking again.

Kid Pics

Cramond beach, summer 1954. This was taken on Dufay colour film stock so has faded badly. My father's first colour film.


My first year at school with our teacher Miss Porter, sitting outside the school. I'm in the front row, third from the right. This would be 1957 or 1958

Another early school photo - this one is in the summer (you can tell by the uniform) and it may be the summer of 1958. Again I'm third from the right but in the second back row, peering round Kenneth Gorman's head. BTW if I put you in a room with these people now you would be able to pick most of them out without trouble -astonishing how people don't really change.

My father and I on the island of Jura.

My mother, her father, and me

I have more.....