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2 June 1999

The Picture Palace is a source of information about UK cinemas and their architects. Wonderful images of what real cinemas are like - not these ghastly multiplexes.

The Baltic Flour Mill will be a great gallery when it is finished. Pity about the horrible website.

I had not come across sluggy freelance before. It does not grab me straight away. (also via flutterby)

Moon tours - good lunar information. (via flutterby)

1 June 1999

Since I'm on families, you can read one of my mother's short stories as well. I think this is good too.

You can view some digital photographs taken by my father. I'm not quite sure why you would want to however (though I think they are rather good).

This article about overclocking seems to me to be entirely wrongheaded. Why do games designers need the fastest machines? Good designers will work wth the slowest machine because that is where a lot of their market will be and most people simply dont have the cash to keep upgrading just to play the latest game. Why can't people just keep it simple?

Yet another personality test.

The Museum of Web Art is rather nice, except that it has fallen prey to the fiendish entanglement of shockwave. (Via robot wisdom)

This is a very good piece on why a poor interface killed John Denver. (via camworld)

Good paper on plagiarism from the web. (via eduwatch)

How to use ear candles. They may sound lik a crank thing but they are certainly the best way of clearing your ears - much better than syringing.

The wankometer is a useful tool for analysing your sites.

28 May 1999

Good rant about free software.

Daily Outrage - outrageous.

Mouse soup? There is more weird stuff to be found here too. Oh, this one is particularly good!

I love Hearts of Palm but I just can't buy them locally.

The Hammerite webpage - what fantastic paint this is. It's the WD40/Duct Tape of paints.

How predictable , like Brig and Peterme I am also ObiWan. Maybe it's a weblogger thing... (I actually suspect there is only one answer)

This one from misterpants is very weird - a museum of leisurewear.

27 May 1999

I have just discovered all the services at and have added a comment facility. I have also redone my reading list so that it has both uk and us links for finding the books.

I just wrote myself an "Amazon searcher" - it lets me find the URLs for books in the US and the UK and cuts out all the crap in the files. Have you ever looked at the source of the Amazon pages? They are unbelievable.

Tornado Alley : Monster Storms of the Great Plains (  USA  UK ) sounds like an interesting book. Well reviewed in The Guardian today.

Underground Origami! Not for the easily offended. (via web-heads mailing list)

26 May 1999

The Constants and Equations Page is reputed to be good and useful, but I cant get it to load properly. Tried on my Mac and it worked. Yes, it is useful, but it looks horrible.

The World Flag Database is a great service.

Dismal Scientist is an economics journal and has the busiest web page I have ever seen.

Robert Hughes writing about the Phantom Menace. Suffice it to say that he didn't like it. (If you don't know Hughes' work then check out my booklist - I think he's great.) BTW in this article he refers to the panic caused by Orson Welles in 1938 with the War of the Worlds. A recent article in Fortean Times demonstrates pretty conclusively that this panic never actually took place!

Website of the Samye Ling monastery. Rather attractive.

This Visual Thesaurus looks rather interesting. Sadly I haven't been able to get it run yet! (Trying my Mac...) Yes it will run on my Mac and it is interesting, but it is sloooooow. I like this a lot! I could use this is if it were faster.

Good article about writing for the web. I need to point one of my students at this. I would say however that I disagree with the author about Network Computing - it is not a good idea because there are too many things that can (and will and do) go wrong. I thought this years ago when it was called discless workstations and I have seen since to change my opinion. (Yes, I have seen a Java station...)

IQ Test - I'm a genius too (via eatonweb)

New edition of Risks today. It broke my conversion software. *SIGH* Good item about MS's new "fix" for the Word macro virus problem.

Is just me or has User friendly stopped being funny? It has been really poor for the last several weeks.

25 May 1999

International Trepanation Advocacy site! You need this one like a hole in the head... (via virulent memes)

I decided I didn't like the picture of me so I took it off. Now I've added all the pencil dividers and centered some things. I am very fond of these pencil gifs.

I have been looking at some of the web journals to be found via Archipelago and Open Pages. Some of them are so well designed as to be gorgeous. Some wonderful design ideas and unique pages. The content is a tad shaky, but after all these are people's diaries, I suppose it asking toomuh for them to be of vital interest all the time! There is a goth web journal ring as well. And then there is the Journal Ring. I find it odd that I haven't run into all these before in my meanderings around the web. Oh, here's another ring. Good grief and another one!

Glasses to fix colour blindness? Can this work? (from cardhouse)

Tons of interesting stuff at other weblogs today - I am not going to reproduce most of it here though.

24 May 1999

Good alertbox piece on sites with the "top ten mistakes of web design".

An exhibition about Harlem 1900-1940. Some good stuff, but I was alittle disappointed with it. I can't quite put my finger on why.

A literary search engine [from studiob]

Missing cat advert - nothing else here at all. very odd.

E-mail games - not really games at all, just another way of bombarding with more advertsiing we dont want to see.

Books you didn't know existed. [from benicetobears]

There was a lovely little piece in the Observer yesterday about fading wall advertisements in New York. There is a website which is rather good. (For other fading ads see the site I mentioned in edition 1.)

Obligatory link to Katz on weblogs.....

This book looks like it might be interesting.

The gluetrain manifesto - well deserved take off of cluetrain...


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