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30 July 1999

I am unwired for the next two weeks...

Don't you just hate it when people write their own publicity. This guy is a great mandolin player but this is so OTT it's ridiculous. I am really not interested in his 1998 shiraz (unless he is going to invite me round to partake of it of course)

29 July 1999

A theremin playing robot.

The All Terrain Umbrella Blind."Get yours & bring home the trophy of your dreams"

Wesley's Hymns

I put up a pitas page just to try it out. Nothing there really. It's called "Transfer interrupted".

The Sovereignty of Penguinia, but nothing to do with Linux.

28 July 1999

Been doing other stuff today. provides a fabulous resource for information on help for dyslexics.

Thought: If webloggers should have domestiques, shouldn't they also have soigneurs? A nice massage after a hard days logging would be an excellent idea. Volunteers?

Jabber looks as though it will be useful for people who want instant messagin and open source. Seems to have tcl int here too so it must be good! (via Cardhouse)

New Risks Digest.

Have you ever noticed that the tune of "Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll" by Ian Dury is very similar to "Old Joe Clark" ?

27 July 1999

Cosmetic ingredients dictionary (via Kikaze)

Tunguska expedition homepage. There are some great photographs.

Art Japan Network.

Haiku and sumie — or in Japanese

Student Thesis topics: "Makeup:The History of Cosmetics in Japan after W.W.II.","Karaoke and its Characteristic as a Medium", "Pursuit of Cleanliness."

Better than a mullet any day. Find out when is a good time to have it done.

One picture may be worth a Kiloword, but I cannot make sense of this manga at all. Unless it is a typical JAL flier's experience. However also check out ET parts 1, 2, 3 and 4.

I have no idea what these pictures are about.

These images of Chinese Counter Digits are good. Here are some arabic digits. There are lots of broken links that might have lead to interesting places.

Drew also suggested EurekAlert to me. It provides listings of what's new in science and technology.

This press release about a book on African Fractals was suggested to me by Drew. Thanks - check out his knotwork stuff, and of course Foamhenge.

I have been looking for glueing information for ages! Pity the recommended products are US only though. (via Memepool)

I like the new BeNicetoBears look. Always high quality links too.

I just got some e-mail that says that my Zircon IRC Client has been given 5 Penguins at Linuxberg. So long as they don't expect me to feed them...

26 July 1999

How come the people at all these movie rating sites understand what any of the movies are getting at? To the pure all things are pure.

David Strom's Web Informant piece on messager wars is worth reading. His stuff pretty well always is.

I hadn't played with WordNet for some time. A useful and interesting system, but they need to upgrade from tcl/tk 7.6 for their browser.

Why would I possibly want a Yahoo! Visa card? (There's a sentence to test a natural language parser with...)

Something like Satori. (Frames and javascript)

A page for people who love the moon. Not much there. The Japanese pages may have more content.

An eclectic, not to say bizarre, list of topics about which the page author wishes to find good books.

Weird and disturbing animation.

Very strange homepage of a girl called Kanako Yokoo. Not visually strange, but the text is odd - I suspect she does not quite understand the power of her colloquialisms.

Nice looking page. Not quite sure what it is for - a band or a radio station. perhaps.

A search engine in Japan.

Astonishing Tattoo. Eventually leads to a tattoo Art gallery if you like that kind of thing, not my cup of tea.

This could be the most annoying page I have ever seen. Really fast animations, poor spelling, illiterate text and to cap it off the movie sounds completely dreadful. No wonder they are indie film makers (and no wonder they are called "Story Untold" - please keep it that way!)

I changed the background colour but didn't like it. However I do like the memepool way of separating things out using the background - I might try it.

I've changed the HTML for this page to use a style sheet to get the margins rather than the DIV/TABLE method. If this causes you a problem let me know. I've also fiddled with some colouring of the reading list page using style sheets - again let me know if you hate it.) Unreadable pages seem to be the fashion of the moment anyway!

Kikaze lead me to this anatomically correct, solid chocolate heart. Have a look at the whole site - what about that brain baseball cap! And the brain jelly mould, a book called "All about scabs" and a "budget skull with removable teeth". Pity it's so hard to navigate.

I just moved my monitor so that it is directly in front of me. Hope this helps my arm problems. Mind you the screen glare from the window is now horrid. *sigh* I suspect I'll have to re-arrange my office completely. I don't know if I have the strength to face all that re-wiring at the moment though.

Finished the latest Haruki Murakami  UK  USA . I enjoyed it but it made me think about the Japanese fiction I have read. Is the sense of "otherness" that pervades a lot if it a function of the translation or is it there in the original? Banana Yoshimoto  UK  USA has it too, I am not quite so sure about Ryu Murakami  UK  USA but there is definitely something out of kilter with him as well.

Slightly odd page about the Cost of Life. I cant work out who it is aimed at.

This Satellite Visibility page is well worth a look. Check out the Iridium Flare locator (URL is location specific so you'll have to do it yourself)

Well done Lance Armstrong! A great victory. Watching the Tour has made me realise that webloggers need domestiques to help them along. Any volunteers?


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