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20 July 2000

Silence will be golden for a while here as I am about to disappear and be disconnected for a couple of weeks. Normal service will be resumed after that.

19 July 2000

And finally from Janet, the deformed frog cam. I really do not know what to say about this one. I am wary of describing it as bizarre since someone took me to task for describing their website as bizarre.

Another doozy from Janet : Solar System Collisions Wipe out life as we know it.....

Go now and get "Why We Buy" by Paco Underhill  UK  USA . I fyou have anything to do with shopping of any kind then it is a must read. The only weak point is that in his chapter on e-shopping he clearly does not understand the underlying technology so makes some bad assumptions about what is possible and/or reasonable to expect. That is a minor quibble - read it.

Lovely page about snowcrystals. (Thanks Janet)

17 July 2000

The Faces of Giza. Amazing self delusion.

"Comes with facsimile autograph" Could anything be a more tantalising come on for a product? Especially a life size cardboard cut out of Michael Jordan.

Nothing like having an up to date page is there? Nothing like it in fact.

Interested in Avengers merchandise? I thought not.

Pantani was astounding in yesterday's stage of the Tour. Amazing climbing ability.

Wow, $1500 dollars for dinner for 4! (Thanks LG) This is the kind of ludicrous conspicuous consumption that really makes my blood boil!! Grrrr.

There is a new biography of the Nicholas Brothers : Brotherhood in Rhythm  UK  USA by Constance Valis Hill. This may well be a must read book.

Useful glossary of film terms (thanks Frank) Though I note it doesn't have "best boy" or "Key grip", though I suppose those are not film terms, just film industry terms.

Want to buy a skull? I remember getting a flier from a catalogue that said "Genuine human thigh bones!" on the front. It was delivered to work and I got the strangest looks.

Odd: - now you can tell the world without owning up. Or something.

Lots of Japan stuff from a gaijin resident.

14 July 2000

Oh, happy Bastille day.

World Corporal Punishment Rearch - very bizarre indeed. What this has to do with research is beyond me. I suspect the creator of the site deserves a good spanking.

This is a good US/UK dictionary. Very comprehensive.

Transfixion - postmodern reading.

The incense project

13 July 2000

Derek's Big Website of Wal-Mart Purchase Receipts. It really is. Years and years worth of them. Great.

Found photographs. This is become a popular website theme!

The Bob Lancaster Gallery of unusual playing cards.

Another male Lindsay Marshall! Chief Lindsay Marshall no less! He's a Mi'kmaq rather than a Scot though.

This is the Ancient Lindsay tartan. "Ancient Lindsay" just about sums up the way i feel at the moment.

Here's the homepage of another man called Lindsay. The Doric poem is fun.

Startrek in the style of Robert Burns.

Folk songs and tunes - nicely done.

Women Hymn Composers before 1900.

Andy's Rant pages

12 July 2000

Nice Archimedes site.

"Words of wisdom from a man claiming to be Fed Rogers" by Daniel Wincenty. Odd

Piccolo Mondo "blurs the lines between the fiction and fact of those days, challenging both the boundaries of narrative and the rules of biography. This hilarious collaborative novel chronicles the coming of age of a generation, a city and a literary culture. " Beware of any text described as "hilarious" - a sure of sign of forced humour...though this may of course be very funny...I've not laughed yet, or been impressed with the quality of the writing which comes on like someone's "write three pages everyday" free writing exercise.

Is some music damaging? "Is it possible that music, as well as TV and the internet are corrupting the youth of America? Or perhaps it's not the music but the youths themselves, who are unable to distinguish between what is entertaining and what can truly harm them, emotionally and even physically." Given that the author of this piece does not know how to spell "the Beatles", I am not impressed with the background knowledge brought to this piece.....

Learn about the TeaChestnutPersimmon Japanese folk tale. Listen to the pronunciations of various Japanese words connected with the story too.

Chinese Chess site.

I'm sure that if you have director installed then will entertain you. I don't so it doesn't me.

The Burro Crane - read the last line of the page and see that the author doesn't understand how the web works.....

Pokey, the little burro. Sick bag please.

Adopt a donkey.

RIP Harold Nicholas Without question the greatest of the athletic tap dancers.The Nicholas Brothers would have been huge stars if they had not been black.

11 July 2000

God's armour sounds mighty uncomfortable to me. I notice that wearing it turns you pigeon toed, have knock-knees and makes you look like a character from a "Love is..." cartoon

I saw a product called "Don't flutter with butter". I don't think that I can get those words to make sense.

Words that contain all the vowels.

A useful guide to Occult signs and symbols. Thanks to the kind folks at BTW Notice the background at this site. It says "King Jesus", which abbreviates to "KJ". Invert this and you get "JK" as in Rowling - another clear evidence of the luciferic link!!!

Thanks to Skinny Rob for even more Harry Potter nonsense. This one is particularly nutty, not to mention illiterate.

Still can't find a link for the seven Seals v Harry Potter story. (I should have said that it was mentioned in Need to Know of course)

More Harry Potter nonsense : "According to repentant wiccan, David Meyer, the occult instruction presented in Harry Potter books is an authentic primer for the black arts." Um, where exactly does this occult instruction take place in the books? I presume it must be hidden in some devilish way.

Good Lord, there are people bidding 250 pounds for signed editions of Harry Potter. For that money they could have travelled to every single one of the book signings and got a copy at each of them. People are very strange.

Playing all weekend knacked my arm even more. *sigh*

It was Newcastleton folk festival last weekend. It rained but there was some great music around . It was in fact the 31st festival rather than the 30th as it says on the web page as they made a fence post error when counting - all the badges they had said the 30th'ish festival. Some excellent young players in the sesssions this year.

Oh, I do like the suggestion that the Seven Seals of Revelations are in fact the seven Harry Potter books. Yesterday my daughter and I queued four hours in the rain to get her copy of volume four signed by the lady herself. She was signing at the most amazing speed and still managed the odd word to the kids: very professional. (Later...on viewing the evidence (see other items) it is clear that she must be helped by Satan to be able to write so fast.)

6 July 2000

MP3s with ads. So even if they got this off the ground, how long before there was a player that just filtered them out? Or why not just close the window?

Horrible, wet miserable day.

5 July 2000

Article about pangrams - excellent.


A page about plugh. A page about XYZZY.

I tried to find a page about the Warrnambol steeplechase (5.5Km, 33 jumps) which has the distinction that in 1909 and 1934 no horses finished at all, but no luck so far.

nice sand dune photos.

I finally got to listen to the Large Hot Pipe Organ I mentioned the other day - It's great


Irony at 24-7?

4 July 2000

The history of Tom Baker's scarves. I used to have a multi-coloured scarf that was 13 foot long as well.

Are you saved or a reprobate? Can you listen to this without being scared? I note that these pages use the name Yeshua, so I suspect that they are real extremists. There seems to be some inconsistency here, how come they claim that no musician can play well in hell, yet don't they say that the Devil has all the best tunes? Anyway, this recording really scared me. How could anyone listen to this crap and take it seriously?

Sing this song for Satan!! Another neat audio clip.

The Fox in Socks - streaming MP3. I used to read this to my kids all the time. (via gmtPlus9)

Great spoof guide to creating a shoot 'em up game. Thanks Karl

Serious muscle pain in the elbow today. Ow.

3 July 2000

Talking about the LRB, this article from the latest issue about the US economy is excellent.

The Literary Review is one of those magazines that I never quite know whther or not to buy. Like the London Review of Books, I'm sure that there will be good stuff and awful stuff in equal measure. I suppose anything that made me want to buy more books is not a good thing, both for financial and storage reasons.

Good page about Irish Railway history.

I was reading about the wonderful sounding Victorian cliff path at the Gobbins, near Larne and that it was now in total disrepair and inaccessible. The only half decent image I can find is on this page, but i am glad to say that they seem to have just got a wad of cash to restore the path.

I really, really, really want a Canon Digital-Ixus. Sadly I don't have 600 pounds to spend on anything let alone a frivolous (but utterly gorgeous) digital camera. *sigh*

These personal id T-shirts seem a fun idea - until the 666ers get hold of the story of course.

Yesterday i read Clifford Stoll's High Tech Heretic UK  USA and I must say that I do rather tend to agree with him. he is a little OTT in places, but his general arugment is sound. Definitely well worth reading.

Yay! I've got two mice working on my system so I can swap between trackball/wheel and normal mouse at will.

Haven't had any Jlinks for a while so here's for you.

The Campaign Against Piped Music. I hate the stuff, but the psychology behind is rather interesting I must admit. (Thanks Val)

What can I say about the Large Hot Pipe Organ? I want one. Now. Again thanks Patrick.

Whooo: the advanced lightning facility - an attempt to build the world's largest Tesla coil. (Thanks Patrick)

Random TV watchings: I loathe football, but the French's winning goal was rather spiffy. I also ended up watching the Lesley Garrett program taht is on the BBC - she sang "Let the bright seraphim" (a song I sang in the choir at school) with a baroque trumpeter and it was fantastic - she was enjoying herself so much, and of course she is really rather a good singist. She also had the pianist Lief Ove Andsnes on and he played some haydn which was amazing.

Ah, the Tour has started again. I wonder why they haven't got "" registered - is just perverse. Still too early to see whoses going to come good this year, but all kudos to Millar.

Weird Nursing Tales? I can get those from my nextdoor neighbour.

30 June 2000

Magnetic therapy. I love the way they use "mainstream" as though it meant "proven". (BTW many alternative therapies do work, but I think magnets are really dubious - though not as dubious as magnetic water softeners!!)

Tim MacInerny, Backside Noogan, the tom soyale planters, Melbourne, clip: Jamie Driver

Na Mea Makamae: treasures of Hawai'i

The busted jug of Jerry Felix. Perplexing

Gonny no dae that - the Scots translator....

The Souters.

Handknit information - good volunteerrun site.

A photograph of people harvesting teasles in 1948.

Web exhibition at Cornell about books and paper. Quite well done.

I challenge you to find a good use for this background.

This Escher art applet is entertaining for a while.

Random word Haiku (Aldo from Val) - this is fun.

On the same theme, a page of thrift store art. These are so ghastly it is untrue. (Thanks to Val for these)

A page of found art. Whether it is art is questionable, but it was certainly found!

I got mailed about Stay Free Magazine, soliciting a link - something I don't normally respond to, but it has lots of good content. Pity about the use of shockwave though.

Publius sounds interesting.

29 June 2000

I finally added some more books to the reading list, but I am still a long way back.

I've been writing java all day. What a horrible system it is.

Thursday 29th June seems like a good date to start a fresh page.

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