The Obituary Page

When I talk to people I often find that the first part of their newspaper they turn is the Obituary column. Sometimes you find that your long time heroes have died, sometimes you find that they were still alive and you didn't know, and sometimes you read about people who are simply interesting. The Obituary page is a repository of the names of people who fall into these categories. Having looked at my logs this page seems to fill a need - a lot of you are calling. At the moment I am updating the page when the pile of newspapers gets too big! I hope to improve my rate soon.

If you hear of a death that you think people should know about, you can mail me some details of the person (name, dates, cause of death, what they are famous for - don't assume I will have heard of them...). If you have a link where more information can be found about the person then send that too. I would particularly like to make this page more international and would appreciate regular reports from other newspaper Obituary readers throughout the world.

The Virtual Memorial Garden is there for anyone - famous or not - that you would like to have remembered. Pets are perfectly acceptable and I will maintain a Pet's Corner for them. To have an entry placed there please use the form provided. I will accept images and pages (provided they are not too large) if you would like to have them included as well.

Before you ask, yes there are far more men than women in the listings. This is due to my available sources of information and the fact that, due to the nature of society, there are fewer famous women than men. Also, let me stress that there is nothing morbid about an interest in obituaries, so you don't have to feel guilty about reading this unless you want to.

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