The Risks Digest

The RISKS Digest

Forum on Risks to the Public in Computers and Related Systems

ACM Committee on Computers and Public Policy, Peter G. Neumann, moderator

Volume 11 Issue 81

Monday 4 June 1991


o Re: RISKS-11.81!
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Re: RISKS-11.81!

"Peter G. Neumann" <>
Tue, 4 Jun 91 19:19:19 PDT
Sorry, folks, I was pushing just a little too hard today, having gotten out
three issues of RISKS, one before starting work this morning, one during lunch
break, and one just before now, along with getting my normal workload attended

Unfortunately, RISKS-11.82 should have been RISKS-11.81.  The file name was
RISKS-11.81, but the issue said it was RISKS-11.82.  So, RISKS-11.82 it has
become.  The easiest way out now is for me to declare that THIS APOLOGY is
really RISKS-11.81, and then get on with RISKS-11.83 (but not today!).  Thanks
for your patience today.  I hope I do not get too many desubscriptions for
having flooded your mailboxes.  (I suppose I could blame the hot weather, but
it is still very pleasant here.)

Let me take this gratuitously serendipitous opportunity to thank all of you who
have been applying the masthead standards fairly diligently of late.  The rate
of acceptable contributions has recently been much higher.  But then it always
tends to vacillate cyclically, depending upon the "subject:" matter.  PGN

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