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8 Jul 2005

Ugh, I just saw "freepost" used as a noun to identify a postcard that you don't have to put a stamp on.

"There is not a noun that cannot be verbed" Some of them are uglier than other, the one at the gas (petrol) station for example:<br> <br> Lift nozzle and begin fueling.<br> <br> ole


In South-East Asia, "freewan" is sometimes used for the second item you get when things are on sale effectively for half-price: "buy one, free one"...

Chris Kuan

"Verbing weirds language." -- Hobbes


You sure? I thought it was Calvin.

Chris Kuan

<P>You are correct, sir. Hobbes was the one who said, "Maybe we can make language a complete impediment to understanding."</P>