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13 Jul 2005

I notice that they have closed the Starbucks in Eldon Square in Newcastle. Is this a backlash in progress perhaps, or it may just have something to do with the redevelopment that is about to take place I suppose.

I hate Starbucks.


Starbucks saved my life in Otemachi, refuge from the cold before an install in the KDDI colo room.<br> <br> And I think I'd like that Dylan CD ...<br> <br> But yes, I think coffee should be made by a barrista, and served in china.<br> <br> -G


I am now writing a heartfeld ballad to be played on jumbo flattop acoustic entitled "Starbucks saved my Life in Otemachi".


Depression era, Old-timey or Blues?


It'd have to be an <span style="font-style: italic;">enka</span>, surely?

Chris Kuan