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16 Jul 2005

Had a quick flick through the new Harry Potter. Lord, it's a load of badly written drivel!

Harry Potter

Well said that man! There are many other books in this genre that are far better quality, although if Harry Potter gets more people reading - that can only be a good thing (as long as they read things other than the next Harry Potter book). 

Sam Aaron

Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials (Amber Spyglass etc) trilogy is far superior in every way.


uh....this series is for kids. Why are you all expecting Samuel Becket or Asimov?



I'm expecting at the very least decently written English! Check out any of the good children's authors and you'll find quality prose : Alan Garner, Phillip Pullman, John Verney, Arthur Ransome, William Mayne, Gillian Avery. HP is over written and over long.


Scholastic Books.....

That's one opinion to be sure. I just want kids to get into reading...this series works. They can refine their tastes the meantime, it's still <span style="font-weight: bold;">not</span> geared towards English majors......just to new readers/tweens. Seems to be working too. Even the adults are chiming in on the fad!


<P>Huzzah!</P> <P>i'm certainly not a huge fan of her writing style, but the new one is significantly better written than her first. </P> <P>I remember reading the first one, and staring at the back, which compared it to Dahl's finest, and being rendered utterly, utterly dumbstruck.</P>


What's new. Junk, wrapped in marketing = sales. Oracle, Microsoft, Harry Potter....