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18 Jul 2005

Reading Lynn's comments in the Pizza thread, let me add Peanuts to my list of banned toppings (and of course all varieties of meat and fish are banned by default). I am not a fan of the peanut, though I appreciate that it is a food embedded deep into westpondic culture and so might well go down well there. I am not at allsure either about eggs - I once had a pizza that had had an egg cracked onto it before being placed in the oven. It was odd, and may be someone's regional speciality as the place was certainly run by Italians - it may even have been in Italy, though I think that it was probably Germany.

As the partner of somebody with anaphalaxis for nuts of all kinds, I can confirm that the degree to which modern food is polluted by peanuts is amazing. you cannot buy *any* over the counter chocolate by mainstream manufacturers that doesn't have 'may contain..' or 'also processed on machines that..' all over it. no marsbars, no kitkats, almost no cereals, few cakes. <br> <br> under-the-counter chocolate, valhrona 75%+ is still of course fine. thank god for couverture!<br> <br> -G


Come on, surely chicken belongs on a pizza?


so what do you put on the top of a pizza?

Bob Bob

Eggs & Pie

The egg &amp; pizza was likely German...I recall the same treat from well over 30 years ago. An interesting combo when served up with a bottle of brutal red wine. My tastes have (thankfully) matured...a few dried tomatos, a nice sauce, some good stringy cheese, a thin crisp crust is all that's necessary, thank you.


<a href=" Kosmic"> Kosmic</a> Karma! Pretty damn good pie!

John Weeks

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John Weeks

well...based on my PRE THAI pizza mindset, I agree...right until I had my first one with that SPICY THAI peanut sauce, the smooth chicken, the crunch of bean sprouts(I know..very trendy?) and the finish of Cilantro(Corriander for you Eastpondians)...MMmmmMMMmm. The sauce is quite tasty, slightly sweet....One time guys...just once...THEN rant away...


Valhrona....THAT is chocolate...the Extra Bitter version they have is just pure joy


yeah.. veggie pizza's good and all but theres something about a vegetarian talking about what should and shouldnt be on pizza that just isnt right. sorry.

jess v

Meat is Good

I also had a egg in a calzone in germany much to my suprise, being illergic to egg


Mmmm... pineapple. As an Italian-American, it doesn't get any better than ham and pineapple.