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19 Jul 2005

Looking at the entries recently I think I shall write a program that randomly grabs a link and tags it with either Hmmm, Odd, Excellent or Good Grief, and then intersperses those with random musings about nothing at all. Like this one. Which might have been generated by a program. For all you know. And for the record I like artichokes, chillies, olives and mushrooms on my pizza. And please note that my ban on all things meat and fish is a default and personal : you want to eat dead stuff on a pizza then fine. The ban on pineapple and smoked cheese (and possibly peanuts) is however binding on everyone, and those who break will be doomed for ever to reading live journal pages written by goths who like Hello Kitty.

fair enough, fair enough. :)


I agree that pineapple is to pizza what pork is to ice cream. I've never eaten anything (still) alive on my pizza however.


hmmm, excellent post.

Have you tried sun-dried tomatoes, or Provolone cheese<br> on your pizza?


I'm going to write a program that adds random comments to such posts automatically! Like this one.