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8 Aug 2005

Mmmmm, pork brains (What kind of animal is a "pork" anyway?)

For that matter, what kind of animal is a ham?<br> Are a pork and a ham the same animal?<br> Yet pork and ham are from a pig.<br> Why have two different names for something that comes from one animal? <br> They should just leave the poor little piggies alone! <br> <br> <a href=""></a>


The English words for cooked meats derive from old french, which is why the animal and the meat are different words.

another LIndsay

A ham is the back leg of a pig.


It's actually more complicated than the old French thing : the whole point is that the rich who ate the meat spoke French, the ordinary people who kept the animals spoke English : they would I presume have had a whole different set of words for the meat but we just don't use them any more.<br>


Thanks for breaking it down, guys.<br> Our word, or rather the Italian word, for pig, is "maiale."<br> For ham, it's "prosciutto." Pork is, "porco," and<br> bacon is, "pancetta." So, I do know a bit about different<br> words for different meats. My grandmother used to make<br> the most delicious "piedi del maiale," or as we Sicilians call it, "pedi de porco." Sicilians are notorious for <br> decimating the Italian language. <br> Is there a word for destroying five in every ten, as opposed to one in ten?(decimating)<br> I was ignorant on the word origins of cooked meats, but I do know Italians that will eat any part of an animal. <br> My dad, my uncle, and a close friend of the family would fight over who would get the brain.....of the octopus.<br> I do think what they put those poor pigs through is very depressing, and I'm not just talking tripe.