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16 Aug 2005

I ran Monolingual on the iBook and got back nearly 2Gb of disc space.

What's Monolingual? and is there a PC version?


And yes, I suppose I could do my own research, but that would defeat the entire purpose of visiting your weblog...;)


you might as well be running Monocultural . isn't nice to be exposed to foreign things even though you may not understand them? 


It frees up hard drive space by removing all unneeded foreign language files from your Mac. I just got a G3 iMac (yippee! - about 3 years after it became obsolete) so I'll be using it tonight<br> <br> Here it is:<br> <br> <a href=""></a>


If I had a big disc on the iBook I wouldn't have run it (though why I need Dutch help files I am not quite sure). Be warned that it does more than remove helpfiles/documentation though - it seems to have removed all the a load of Japanese stuff that I hoped it wouldn't.


On my 40Gig Hard drive, it cleared 650 Mb space - but I don't have the imac loaded up with a lot of software - yet!