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19 Aug 2005

Explain to me again why CD writers don't just have a gig of RAM in there to which you just download the desired contents and then say "go". Does anyone sell one like that?

Waste of hardware, is why. You can do the same thing by using the existing swapfile/cache of your harddisk.


To use a technical term you may not be familiar with : <span style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">BOLLOCKS</span>!!!<br> Nobody bats an eyelid when their graphics card is more powerful than their cpu so why not have a cd writer that <span style="font-style: italic;">actually writes the discs without errors caused by bus interruptions and processor delays?</span> How nice would that be? Very nice indeed.


<P>graphics cards now run to 512Mb of ram, but the price can exceed £400gbp</P> <P>writers now can be had for less then £40gbp. 1gb flash cards can be had for less than £100gbp. writers could be done for less than £150gbp that did this. i'd buy one.</P>


<STRONG>, you MUST be kidding?</STRONG> you HAVE a stores ANYTHING you want...just BURN upon completion of a download....BIG HINT, burn at a slower speed and for GOD'S SAKE if you don't have a buffer underrun CD/DVD burner, then at MINIMUM make sure your hard drive and burner aren't on the same IDE cable...


I have to agree with Lynn on this one. I have *never* had a burning problem caused by a "bus interruption or a processor delay." This is on a 5 year old PC, burning at the maximum speed that the discs and drive will support.<br> <br> If that happens to you frequently enough to be a problem then I'd suggest that you have a hardware or software configuration issue.

Chris McKeown

Well, I have a big fast machine that is properly configured and I get interference when I try to do stuff when it is writing and I get errors. I don't even want the possibility of errors : I want a big fat buffer in the writer that keeps it for me. This is what distributed processing is all about : off load when you can.


SEP, Lindsay, SEP...

Chris Kuan

this is what bell/mudge/macnamara and bell/howell called the 'wheel of life' for intelligent peripherals isn't it?<br> <br> -G


<P>Alot of newer DVD &amp; CD burners have buffer underrun protection, so that even if it gets buffer underruns, the drive can resume burning from exactly the same place that it was before. Now that this is in most new drives (even the $100 US dual layer DVD burners), there is no reason to have &gt;8MB buffers in drives.</P> <P>Still, up the cache that you use for burning, and up the cache threshold for files that you burn to something like 100-200kB. Remember: lots of small files = lots of delayes zipping around your HS in getting them = increased chance of buffer underruns. Oh, and don't use memory / CPU / hard drive intensive progs at the same time as you burn</P>