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20 Aug 2005

Excellent piece on cigarettes and their image (which references Klein's Cigarettes are sublime ukuk which you should read if you haven't already done so as it is excellent)

What a crock

<P>Bloody hell. You pseudo-intellectual jumper-wearing lefto pillock. That, and the "British Columnist" nonsense it linked to were both unnecessarily intellectualising something which is a serious public health problem.</P> <P>Design, chic, whatever. Pig's arse it is. Crock of shite. Period.</P> <P>And no, this isn't trendy angst, this is just almightily pissed off that writing such drivel earns people sufficient calories to exist. Why cant't these wasters get a real job? Or at least pretend to...</P>


George Orwell did a good essay on smoking, although I think it was largely pro-smoking.


Jim, you're just not old enough to understand.


Oh, and I am not a pseudo-intellectual - I *am* an intellectual. But I do wear jumpers when it is cold, that is true.