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20 Aug 2005

If you happened to be looking at the live webcam from the Baltic this afternoon you might have seen being part of the exhibit. The Quayside was buzzing and the atmosphere was great - I tried out the new bus service from the top of the town to the Quays and it's really good.

was that one of those hideous yellow electric busses?


A few of them buses passed me today when I was out and about and I only saw a total of 5 or 6 people on them. They seem very underused.<br> <br> Anyway the walk up and down Dean Street is good for you so I can't see me using them.


The buses are fantastic and a great colour. The service is brilliant - getting to the Sage or the Baltic from the Haymarket has always been a hassle and now it isn't. The bus I was on was so full that it had people standing. A great service and one that needs to be patronised.


They are a mad colour. It's like a trippy rash has broken out all over the quayside. They are so quiet too, they almost creep upon you if you don't watch what you are doing. Like I do. :)<br> No doubt they will be useful and very well used during the working day.