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22 Aug 2005


This is partially a take-off on a commercial seen in the U.S. for an orange juice company. In the commercial a lady reached in to the OJ and workers in an orange grove are on the other side and place the fresh squeezed OJ carton in her hand


It's a combination of that and a rather dreadful music video of some years back (by whom I have no idea) -- the black & white portion of this clip was done in *exactly* the same style.


It's right there on the page - the band was "A-Ha" and the video was for their song <span style="font-style: italic;">Take On Me.</span>

Chris Kuan

Just watched it - it's not "*exactly* the same style" - it appears to be <span style="font-weight: bold;">the</span> original art, either retouched to remove the original girl character, or redrawn. <br>

Chris Kuan

It was shown on an American cartoon television show called "Family Guy." Family Guy is very cutting about the idiocy Americans attain on a daily basis. I include myself in the idiocy.