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23 Aug 2005

I was at the doctor's this morning and the waiting room had all these posters and leaflets about leg ulcers. Now, leg ulcers can be very serious indeed, but why a campaign for them and not for some other problem - has there been a suddne outbreak of leg ulcers that I don't know of?

Yes. There has been a sudden worldwide outbreak of leg ulcers. Everyone is being warned. Apparently the leg ulcers are from China, spread by ducks.


I'm guessing Diabetes. -poor circulation is a common outcome, and with rising obesity, the (pre)diabetes numbers in the uke are rising. Oldsters are very prone to leg problems and if undiagnosed/treated, they can massively affect their independence (limited mobility)<br> <br> Maybe your G.P. got mailbombed by some help-the-aged campaign to get quality of life back for the oldies?<br> <br> -George