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5 Sep 2005

More vitriol (if you need it)

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It's unfortunate that most of the journals criticizing the perceived lack of federal response to the tragedy in NOLA seem to rely on capital letters and foul language to make their point. Rather than using any scientific, factual or historic references to win a debate, these authors would like to simply overwhelm the reader by YELLING and cursing, maybe to intimidate us into believing they are correct. These folks continue to pound home that the population of the Superdome was largely African-American as if that were some astounding revelation with a hidden meaning, known only to Halliburton. This when the city of New Orleans is (was) largely black. If for some reason we had to evacuate the city of Fargo, North Dakota or the entire state of Vermont, these folks would be shocked and awed that there were a lot of caucasions streaming out and they'd blame George Bush for a lack of forced integration in the northern states. <br> <br> Methinks most of these writers would be challenged if they had to find New Orleans on an unmarked map of the world, much less discuss the political, historical and factual occurences that have brought us to where we are today. Quickly now fellows, (without a Google assist), when was the Louisiana purchase, from whom did we buy the territory and who was president then?

jim strickland

Just a point of information : 65% of the population in NO is black (whatever that means). The population of the superdome (and other places) did not remotely reflect this statistic since the vast majority of the people in them were black. So, the commentators do have a valid point.<br> <br> And on the evacuation point, check out the Boing Boing description of how Cuba handles evacuations of cities. (Rather effectively is a short summary)


Does Jim not think that anger is justified?<br> <br> Obviously not. I took a look at Jim's blog and it is literally wall-to-wall justification of the GOP's failure and total blame on the NOLA for the hurricane disaster! Unbelievable. What color is the sky in your world, Jim?<br> <br> Take a look at the DHS' charter and FEMA's role in a national emergency (Bush declared Katrina a state of emergency on the thursday before it hit) then try to comprehend that FEMA is the *primary* Federal response to a disaster of this kind. Blame can be laid on local authorities, but in this instance, the lackluster response by the feds was beyond appalling. <br> <br> I think ditto heads like you should be ashamed, but perhaps you're too busy kissing George Bush's ass.