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6 Sep 2005

Now, that's a rant (via Mr Barrett)

Strickland's head will explode now.


Well that was certainly refreshing! Also, am I the only person that heard one of the officials talking about the effort to 'de-water' New Orleans. FFS!!!

another Lindsay

Finally, these cable news dickheads come around to bashing our stupidest of all commander in chief. Last week, not one of them could be heard attacking him for all his other crimes. You'd think these guys were up for re-election. These talking heads can count themselves as the lapdogs the so despise now because noooooowwwww it's cool to speak out for the little guy. This time at least.

john Weeks

Olberman rocks. He was hilarious during the Lewinsky thing ....


You too, Chy?<br> If Lindsay had not had the foresight to block access to comments in a couple of links, I would have gladly accepted the job of head detonator for that demolition.<br> Have to admit, it took some restraint on my part to not comment elsewhere. Sometimes you can feel sorry for the ignorant ones, but I don't think he is ignorant. <br> The Strickland's of the world knowingly choose their path.


He blocked access to comments? Too funny.<br> <br> I agree about the Stricklands of the world, but, my word, they make me angry. They are the enablers of mendacious leaders.


Good one Chy. I would have to use the reverse dictionary from the other day to find 'mendacious', most likely by typing in search criteria such as 'corrupt bastards'.