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6 Sep 2005

Don't USA cars come with locking caps by default? I can't recall the last car I had that didn't have a locking cap.

Some cars (like my old Mazda) have a cover that opens with a lever inside the car, but often times you just open the cover with your thumb and then unscrew the cap.


Yeah, mine doesn't have a lock per se, but a lever inside that releases the cover. Presumably it wouldn't take too much presuading with a thin lever to force it open.

Chris McKeown

Can anyone tell me if a "siphon proof" gas tank can actually be siphoned? My father says that tanks are now "siphon proof". True/False?


Maybe the Detroit specials have open access caps, imports for the most part have a locking mechanism released from inside. I wouldn't really know as we only buy imports. The US cars really suck.

Open Access Petrol Caps!!! Petrol wants to be free!!


Most US cars do not have locking gas caps. My Ford Ranger just has a door you flip open and unscrew the cap. There's really not a need for it, unless crime is at such abysmal levels that people are resorting to syphoning gas. It's much easier to just steal the car. Dirk /hates the fact that he's an american/