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8 Sep 2005

They have recreated this image of Brian Jones and Anita Pallenberg for the new movie about him and the first thing that struck me when I saw it was that Jones/Pallenberg in the new photo are so insipidly pretty and dull. The originals have character in their faces, are even downright ugly by some standards, but they have charisma. (I haven't found a link for the new image yet) Here's Pallenberg today.

Results in a blank page in both Safari and Firefox, don't feel like trying more browsers...


Works fine in t'fox on Windows


Angelfire won't let you hotlink. Gotta cut and paste.


Works fine for me!<br><br>Cut off the .jpg and go up a level and images are on that page if you want to see them.


cos it's in your cache.


So how did it get there? I went via an image search, not the page that linked to it.


Doesn't work on f/fox on Mac OS 10.3<br>

Mark Little