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8 Sep 2005

Not sure about iTunes 5 look, but I certainly want a black Nano.

I've been avoiding going the iTunes/ipod/shuffle route, because the ipods don't play .wav files, whereas my 5 year old 6Gb Nomad Jukebox does - and it records to hard disk too. Not that I'm a snob, but so many live shows I listen to are totally lossless. But I have to agree, the black Nano is coolness itself.


<P>i disagree - the nano would be much cooler if it wasnt shaped like a caramac bar. It could have appeared to be so much smaller by being twice the depth, but half the height.<BR>Also, the name is a bit of an odd choice - Creative have been making a Zen Nano for some time. Is this reciprocal move for the Zen Micro's name?</P>


The Caramac bar <span style="font-style: italic; font-weight: bold;">is</span> chocolate personified!


I'm getting me a Nano as soon as this months wage slip arrives! Would really need to see the black one in person before making a decision, but definitely getting one!

Paul Dunlop

<P>Well, the Nano looks damn nice. How much they gonna retail at? </P> <P> </P>

Stef Galley

Just seen, £139 for the 2GB &amp; £179 for the 4GB. Free P &amp; P and laser engraving at the Apple Store on-line.

Stef Galley

I can't seem to get iTunes 5 to NOT fetch track names from Gracenote CDDB. This database is pretty much useless for classical music in any case, and I just want to get on with the job of entering it manually. What do I have to do apart from disconnecting the network cable to stop this sillyness ???


<P>Ole, </P> <P>Go to Preferences and then click on the general tab. Uncheck the box that is called something like 'Connect To The Interent When Needed'. That should stop it automatically going to Gracenote. </P>

Stef Galley

Agree on both counts

Just ran Software Update and on launching iTunes 5, felt it had gone backwards in terms of look and feel. Whats happend to the volume control and my nice rounded corners on the window. Also on the nano front, the Apple store is one tube stop from the office I work out of at the moment, which could be mighty useful if I get a spare 5 mins during the day.


<span class="article">From a review I read online..<br> <br> Flash memory not only takes up less room than a hard disk does, but it uses less power and isn't as susceptible to skipping due to motion, or damage from drops.<br> <br> .. isn't *as* susceptible? Gosh, I didn't know that if you<br> jiggle flash chips REALLY FAST they skip tracks ...<br> <br> -George<br> </span>