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8 Sep 2005

I agree with this - tagging is definitely unsound, particularly given that most of the people creating the tags can't actually spell properly.

Yeah ,but, take for instance. If you query one particular tag you find that what comes up shows you the tags that other people has assigned for those sites. sooner or later, you're going to get the gist for the family of things that you consistantly look for. also, you learn that there are other tags that might work better than the one you thought of. I, for one, have learned to search for tags this way to help clue me in on a better tag. Does that make any sense? I find that searching for something on flicker is more interactive than say google, which gives me results for my keywords but offers no help once I reach a dead end. At least a tag type site allows me to access plan a, b, and c more easily.

john Weeks

Lindsay, we need to talk. Why can I not make a paragraph in your comments? Why does it make a big dumb block of text?

john Weeks