Bifurcated Rivets
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9 Sep 2005

Ridiculous. There is no reason at all why a city could not be developed 1000-3000 meters upstream, <EM>above</EM> sea level. Using this guy's logic it would make just as much sense to build a leveed city out a mile offshore on the ocean can defend the river better from out there, after all. In addition, he is underestimating the ability of alternate shipping methods. He may have been right about that 50 years ago, but today? Feh. We have a new coastline, and we ought to keep it.


Another knee-jerk by a govy-backed thinktank. Fence NOLA off with historical markers pointing out: "Here is a very, VERY silly place to build a city." Then rebuild inland and on higher ground as noted. In 1800 it may have been more strategic in value, but Houston handles a lot more port traffic, as do other ports, even airports. Sad part is they will fleece the taxpayers to rebuild the city so it can be a target for the next big event - a Mississippi flood, another hurricane, a tidal wave, an earthquake.