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9 Sep 2005

"woman shooting semen through her penis-nose whenever she sneezes, leaving trails of ejaculate all over the dance floor — and even in a poor gentleman’s soup, where he unsuspectingly swallows it"<br> <br> sounds hilarious to me!

jess v

The film's a lot better than the snotty uptight review.<br> <br> "The writing here is sharp and witty, mixing the dark genius of Dostoyevsky with the divine, intelligent humor of Pynchon"<br> <br> yeh yeh, keep dropping the literary references then we'll know you're a serious intelligent critic... I bet he's read neither. I have and I'd take Deuce Bigalow over Pynchon any day.

<P>Simple rule of online journalism no. 1:<BR>If something's not to your taste, use it as an opportunity to try and make yourself sound clever.</P> <P>As a film reviewer, i find Jonathan Ross very good - if he doesn't like it, he'll say so, but will admit it if he thinks others may enjoy it.</P>