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10 Sep 2005

From Patrick in the comments - I have no idea.

<h1 style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 0, 0); font-style: italic; text-align: center;"><span style="font-family: verdana,arial,helvetica,sans-serif;">He's a Loony</span></h1>


When I checked this site out after Patrick posted the link, <br> I didn't comment because I wanted to try and refrain from <br> being judgemental. Publicly, anyway. But, what the hell. <br> Not only is this guy a loonie, he's also just another "sheeple" in the massive American flock that thinks their shepherd can do no wrong. Little does he know, his shepherd is leading him to the slaughter. <span style="font-style: italic;"><span style="font-weight: bold;"></span></span>