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11 Sep 2005

Now back from Alison Krauss. 2 and a quarter hour set without a break. JD was excellent as expected, and of course everyone else was excellent, but by the end I was rather bored : practically all they did was medium tempo numbers that were all pretty similar. Each one done well, but after a while, you know..... Also the sound balance was, to my ears, terrible. As with almost every concert with acoustic musicians now, there was far too much amplification and the overall sound was mushy. In particular the banjo and dobro just wiped each other out. AK's fiddle was inaudible a lot of the time too. I was expecting the set to be fairly samey since that's how I find the CDs but the sound quality was a let down.

I've found that a musician that I loved has gone into the elevator muzak business. Sad, but I can't listen to her homogenized drivel anymore.

john Weeks

Must depend where you were sitting. We were at the front in G and it was great. No problems with the sound at all.


Well other sitting in other parts of the hall also though the sound was poor. And could you pick out the dobro and banjo anyway?


You have a point about the dobro and banjo, but everyone where we were sat seemed to think the sound was great. Maybe we were all just tone deaf ;-)?