Bifurcated Rivets
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11 Sep 2005

"Scientists are very excited by the find." hmmm...

Chris Kuan

Yeah, but what do they TASTE LIKE?

john Weeks

Just like chicken.


Time to update the saying: "cat got your tongue?"

So, this bugs' purpose in life is to become a fish's tongue?<br> I wonder what it survives on after it becomes the tongue.<br> If it eats, it has to excrete. Poor fish. Talk about getting the shit end of the stick.


Maybe by then it becomes more parasitic than carnivorous, living off a slow blood flow from the tongue stub. <br> <br> Or maybe by that time its lifespan is at a natural end anyway.

Chris Kuan

I remember seeing a bug like that when I was a little kid; it crawled right out from the mouth of a red snapper I'd just caught, and it freaked the heck out of me. Now I've finally closed that circle ;)