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12 Sep 2005

Not sure about some aspects of the Guardian re-design. G2 is way too narrow and just looks wrong. Fundamentally of course, I like broadsheets so it is too small for my taste, but at least they didn't go tabloid

And why exactly do we need "Guardian Egyptian" ? Not enough fonts to choose from????


I assume that you mean typefaces.....


Oh, silly me, it's "...elegant, intelligent, and highly legible." Marketing speak.


According to the Guardian itself, they are called fonts.


And I have already complained to them about that usage.<br><br>The typeface is rather elegant and legible (though the 8/9.5 setting is just a fraction too small for me to be able to read it unaided). As to its intelligence, that is rather harder to estimate.


Losing battle

Usage determines meaning in language in the long run. "Font" has long since come to mean "typeface" outside of typography circles. It's just like "regular coffee" I am afraid.


Blah blah blah.<br> Who cares about the fscking Grauniad anyway? HA!


I rather like it.