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14 Sep 2005

DrinkĀ a gallon of Starbuck's latte and you won't need a car to get where you are going! <div><br class="khtml-block-placeholder"></div><div>I am surprised that they didn't include a bottled water on their list. That one hits home for a lot of people.</div><div><br class="khtml-block-placeholder"></div><div>And here is an amazing bit of video:</div><div><br class="khtml-block-placeholder"></div><div><a href="</div><div><br"></div><div><br</a> class="khtml-block-placeholder"></div><div>I thought it was fake (the speed and rising pitch seemed unreal) but watch the flag in the background.</div>


Ink jet ink would be interesting.


These sorts of lists never seem to mention how the prices of so many other things are dependant on the price of gasoline. If the cost of shipping the coffee or the bull semen goes up due to the cost of gasoline, the end-user will end up paying the difference.

David Pate