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18 Sep 2005

A joke, right?

It's got to be a joke? Assuming the wikipedia entry is right and it's acredited correctly, the guy can't possibly be serious!


Well the "illustration" of Einstein makes it seem like a joke.

Chris Kuan

Of course it's a joke. It has the same point as Flying Spaghetti Monsterism.


Definitely a joke

<P>"Adherents (to the threory of gravity) have a hard time explaining, for instance, why airplanes do not fall" - comedy <STRONG><EM>gold </EM></STRONG>I tell ya!</P> <P>I find it pretty unlikely that a wingnut who developed the theory behind MRI scanners and helped develop high-temperature superconductors wrote this. I think this someone made this up and someone else put Ellery's name against it after it was posted</P>



<P>OK. Gravity IS a theory. Nothing this guys says (aside from the indignant commentary) is wrong. </P> <P>Gravity fields are one of the weakest fields. A refrigerator magnet can overcome the gravitational force of the planet! Having said that, since the 'theory' that is currently being promoted counts on the presence of 'gravitons' (the gravitational equivalent to Photon, Neutrons...ect) there is no known way to prove their existence.</P> <P>Just because we are biologically tuned in to 'BBC 1', does not mean that not other 'channels are broadcasting'. What this demonstrates is that we may not be able to view these fields, and therefore a theory remains a theory. </P> <P>Apple still fall. Planes still use the 'wedging' force of air and velocity to counter gravity's force. </P> <P>L</P>