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23 Nov 2005

Tiffinbites - but where can you find one?

Ahmed's Tiffin Club, Bristol

Had I not moced away from the area I'd definitely have been a member of this - very pleasurable way of getting a tiffin:<br> <br> <a href=";AdvertID=257&amp;PageID=153<br> <br> maybe">;AdvertID=257&amp;PageID=153<br> <br> maybe</a> there's something similar in the NE?

Tim Magee

I love indian food. I guess the veggie-heavy aspect could be considered healthy but isnt it loaded with milk and cream? Although its possible I havent had "authentic" Indian food.

jess v

There is one in the new part of shopping centre in Canary Wharf. There isn't much choice on the menu but the quality is good. A bit expensive for a regular lunch though.