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23 Nov 2005

Good grief - who would deep fry a turkey?

Actually a deep fried turkey is excellent eats. Unfortunately every moron who has $75 can buy a turkey and the Propane DeepFrier and set thier house,garage,self, etc.... on fire.<br> <br> Most of the idiots have a disorder that doesnt allow them to take into account the volume of the turkey when they fill the frier with oil. We are known as the stupidist nation for more than one reason, just add this one to the list.<br> <br> But good eats if done correctly. Best turkey you will have ever eaten.


Funny - I was watching David Letterman on ITV4 last night and he had George Clooney on who was describing the very process. Apparently it's the done thing for Thanksgiving the other side of the pond. I thought they just roasted it like at Christmas.


Deep Fried and Delicious

<P>I was quite surprised on Christmas Day several years ago to see one of these deep friers sitting in the snow behind my friend's house. But I was more pleasantly surprised by the result. He used peanut oil IIRC. The turkey did not have a "fried taste" and was not dried out.</P> <P>It isn't my favorite, but it wasn't bad at all.</P> <P>[I think placing the unit halfway into the snow was not a bad idea.]</P> <P> </P> <P>Len</P>

Leonard Grossman

<P>I just knew my westponder bros would speak is not a decadent and silly as it sounds...stunningly moist turkey that is basically sealed in it's own juices.....don't knock it dear Lindsay...</P>


I have only eaten turkey once (I think) and that was a long, long time ago. Vile stuff it was too.


Beer Not Turkey...

A bit of a side note...<br> I brew beer and the stainless steel pots to boil wort (unfermented beer) in can be very expensive from the brew shops. A cheap alternative (and exactly the same thing) is a deep fry turkey kit like those shown in the film. Just the pot alone may cost $100 or more, the propane boiler and the pot is quite a deal! I used the exact set-up they have in that film to brew ten gallons of beer last weekend.



Here in oklahoma, it seems like everyone likes this. I ate some once, it was like totally, a heartattack. Like those crazy fried cheese curds at the fair, way too much. Man this is like some backwoods $hit................



Lindsay,<br><br>It's because turkey is so low fat and lean that you really have to cook it in oil to make it taste right. We (the people I am visiting) are having turdukken instead:<br><a href=""></a>