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24 Nov 2005

Ole's friend's turducken recipe - this made me feel ill just reading it. Do you want dead bird with your dead bird?

<P>Waitrose are doing much the same thing this season in their special christmas catalogue. It is call a 4 roast bird and costs £200!!!</P> <P> </P>


<P>Mmmm, dead bird encapsulation...</P> <P>Chris: £200 seems extortionate until you remember Waitrose's slogan - "Good food <EM>honestly priced</EM>". So it must really a bit of a bargain.</P>


Actually, those are NOT my friends, just a random URL explaining what the hell a turducken is, not that I expect ours to be much different...


The problem I have with this is that my brain can't help seeing the word as "turd-ucken". 'Nuff said I think. I like the occasional bit of chicken or turkey, but I think I'll give this idea a miss.