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26 Nov 2005

Nice, but this one is not as good as it makes no sense(IMHO)


I had a much lower res version of the IKEA one so this was a good find. What I do hate however is sites like this that don't allow you to save the movie directly. Instead you have to go digging round in your cache folder, rename the file, open it with QuickTime and so on. Arggh.



I don't know. The second one greatly appealed to me. I found it enormously gratifying to watch. (I worked at Old Navy, a sub of the Gap).


I think the thing with the Gap advert is that if you ever went into Gap that would never happen. The people are all polite and nice to the degree that you must think they are on happy pills or something.

Mr Dan

The point about the niceness in Gap is that they are trying to get you to buy more than one item. There is a quota for multiple purchases that they have to meet and it is all planned very carefully - they have a name for it which I can't remember. So, when in Gap it is very important to only ever buy a single item. If you want another one come back another day. Don't let them manipulate you!


Item Quota

We referred to it as a UPT- units per transaction. You had UPT goals that had to work in conjunction with ADS goals- Average Daily Sales. These, of course, changed daily. I do remember that an ADS of 30$ was generally considered low. Managers wanted it in the 60-75$ range, and this went higher for holiday.


I must be odd. I just found both of these very sad and nasty. Mind you, having been broke, and wanted to buy clothes I couldn't afford, I could identify with trashing the shop instead. but why didn't the little streetlight-that-could get rescued by some reverse-garbage person?