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27 Nov 2005

Ting Ting plays the Pi Pa and here and here. Rather impressive technique.

Hmmm. Odd.


I play 3-finger banjo (Scrugg's style). What she is doing is similar, but she's using 5 fingers. Notice also that there is a short electronic delay on the instrument which makes it sound like 2 notes for each one she plays Still, very impressive.

Bill G.

Can I just point out that Hmmmma and Odd are TM me.....<br><br>It's more like how you would play a zither than Scrugg's style (less reliance on the thumb for a start). She is also doing some remarkbale things with her left hand I thought.


<P>I don't know what "Hmmmma and Odd" are</P> <P>In the right hand she's playing a forward roll using five fingers rather than three (for most of the piece) with no more emphasis on the thumb than any other finger. The thumb hits every fifth note, as do the rest of the fingers in succession. </P>

Bill G.

<P>Nevermind about the "hmmm and odd" thing.</P>

Bill G.