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29 Nov 2005

I was looking for a link to this - 75 band names hidden in there. I have quite a few but not 75 yet.

Hmmmm. <div><br class="khtml-block-placeholder"></div><div>Whitesnake</div><div>Smashing Pumpkins</div><div>Matchbox 20 (or is it Twenty)</div><div>The B-52s</div><div>Guns 'n Roses</div><div>The Eagles</div><div><br class="khtml-block-placeholder"></div><div>&amp;$^%# pixelation!</div>


i see GREEN DAY! yay!<br> <br> and U2. boo!

44 so far

You can view a higher-res version at Virgin's Web site:<br> <br> <a href="<br> <br> I"><br> <br> I</a> have figured out 44 so far, but a few parts are driving me mad! Does anyone have any ideas about:<br> <ul> <li>The girls kissing at the lampost</li> <li>The orange naked man</li> <li>The men in black with guitar cases</li> <li>The three women running from the rock</li> <li>The three men on the roof</li> <li>The crowds of people inside the second floor windows?</li> <li>The shark</li> <li>The window display with the bikini</li> </ul>


<LI>The crowds of people inside the second floor windows? </LI> <LI>i thought that was crowded house.</LI> <LI>the rest are a bit of a mystery.</LI>


The guys with guitar cases? Blues Brothers perhaps.<br><br>Obvious ones :<br><br>Rolling Stones<br>Blind Melon<br>Sex Pistols<br>Hole<br>Madonna (possibly)<br>The Eels<br>Cowboy Junkies<br>Red Hot Chillie Peppers


the cars<br> radiohead<br> rollingstones<br> white snake<br> white zombie<br> blur<br> alice in chains<br> madonna<br> gunsnroses<br> eels<br> <br> prince<br> quees<br> sexpistols<br> dead kennedys<br> seal<br> pixies<br> cornershop<br> blondie<br> gorillaz<br> b-52's<br> <br> talking heads<br> black flag<br> the eagles<br> mountain<br> garbage<br> hole<br> cowboy junkies<br> blind melon<br> rhcp<br> dinosaur jr<br> <br> matchbox 20<br> smashing pumpkins<br> greenday<br> beegees<br> U2<br> crowded house<br> led zeppelin<br> phish<br> nine inch nails<br> 50 cent<br> <br> postal service<br> the black crows<br> iron maiden<br> jewel<br> roots<br> beach boys<br> <br> girl scissors? smiling oranges? contortionists? giant spoon? gold man?<br>

jess v

scissors are "Scissors Sisters"

"Smiling oranges" could be "Lemonheads".<br><br>Could be...


the smiling fruit could also be "the small faces"


the spoon? are those like, arms, hugging it?- the lovin spoonful; roots? I was thinking more along the lines of Styx.<br> the bikini in window? there's a new wave band called The Mannequins.<br>