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14 Dec 2005

Dogs in tubs (actually those are baths, tubs are what you plant trees in, or buy ice cream in)

<P>yeah...for the Eastponders...Tubs are for plants and ice cream.</P> <P>Westponders:</P> <P>Ice Cream - <EM>comes in Pints,Quarts &amp; Half Gallons-no noun is really used. As in, "I just bought a pint of Haagen Daaz" or "Do you have that Worm-Curry Chocolate Chunk in half gallon size?"</EM></P> <P>Plants - <EM>planted in Pots</EM></P> <P>must you CONSTANTLY Eastponderize everything (yes that's a 'z' there....)</P>


Here I am in the vanguard of the effort to civilise (with an s) the world and inculcate correct usage and all I meet with is complaints. I don't know, I really don't


I'm from the US and I've heard tub being used in the ice cream sense, albeit infrequently. However, "tub" is usually used as a shortened form of the word "bathtub".


aww...Lindsay...don't take it so hard. <br> However, there was no complaint from me. <br> Pound = 16 ounces<br> Trolley = a rail car<br> Sod = lump of lawn<br> Twat = *we can't say that word over here without a lawsuit involved*<br>


I thought a pound was where they put stray dogs.....

Lindsay you are turning international again! Very gentlemanly!