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15 Dec 2005

I just ordered something online and what a pain it was. I had to create a customer account for a site where I will probably never go back again and the account creation took something like 7 or 8 screens. Their credit card payment took me to a site that started with a splash screen with no useful information on it and then I got embroiled with something from my credit card company and then there were 3 more screens just to get out. Just ridiculous.

Yup, you walk away with the feeling they were more collecting your info than doing a business transaction with you. Its ucky... and that's all info they readily resell for good money (despite claims to the contrary). Mailing houses and "market research" companies offer really GOOD money for personal data, too tempting for these online businesses to pass up. £10 / $20 is what your (correct) name and address are worth, and more like £15 / $35 along with a phone number and email.