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15 Dec 2005

<DIV><FONT face=Arial>In searching for someone to ask, I found you. How does a foreigner distinguish between a British person and an English person? Is English a subdivision of British? Drink a beer for me. Jim</FONT></DIV>

its a nesting relationship. all english people are british, but not all british people are english. how to distinguish? the distinctions are meaningless for the most part. -the bindings are closer for some purposes, more distant for others: for example, if scotland or wales wins at any sport where england was knocked out, then britain has won, and the news will respond accordingly. Lindsay lives in Newcastle, and so can claim affinity with the 'Geordie' nation, a loose tribe of people who would distain their north yorkshire cousins only 20 miles south.<br><br>you might as well ask how you can tell a west virginian from a bostonian, or a californian: income and accent may or may not be a good indicator.<br>


The English tend to refer to Britain as England. The Scots, Welsh and Irish would never do that.


When you're an Englishman living in Wales (with a Welsh girl-friend) like me, you have to think about any sentence that would normally contain "England"....