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20 Dec 2005

When did everyone start referring to "Powerpoint decks" - it seems to have become the expression of choice when talking about a .ppt file? Why on earth a deck? Deck is for cards not slides - slides come in carousels. Grrrr.


I subscribe to a large number of weblogs and sites about powerpoint and presentations and I am trying (with great difficulty) to move the team I work with away from traditional death by powerpoint to more innovative use of slides, if you need to use them at all. But I only noticed the phrase "decks" last week on one of these sites - the author was answering the question "How many slides do you have in your deck?" as if size is the most important thing. We all know that that is not true, don't we?


Might be a vestigial remnant of Hypercard?


Good thought, though of course they were cards so deck was sensible.


The folks at AskMetafilter weigh in: <div><br class="khtml-block-placeholder"></div><div></div>


<P>It is my opinion deck comes from the term used for a stack of overhead projection slides (or foils, to throw more confusion in).</P> <P>Since most powerpoint presentations in meetings are projected, the term deck probably just stuck....</P>

decked to death