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20 Dec 2005

Since it is the end of the year and everyone is doing it I probably should have a poll on which Hmmm was the best or something. I wonder if I should make a Hmmm page and a Good Grief page. Now if I were a good folksonomist I would have everything tagged and it would all fall out nicely with no effort. I also decided that I ought to introduce the term "moonshotting" to the world, but I haven't decided yet what it means : possibly the act of putting pointless polls on your website.

there is a certain ex-post-facto quality to the hah/hmm/grrr labelling. we get to know you're feelings about an {x} but we don't know what the {x} is, until we click on it. Its rather like the effect of sitting round a sunday breakfast table listening to the newspaper reader shouting out BAH! at stupid editorials, wondering if/when we get to read them for ourselves and if we will agree (but without the orange juice and muffins)




RSS Feed

Along a similar line the rivets RSS feed just has the time/date entry as the item (in firefox). Wouldnt it be better to have a snippet of the entry (even if it is only hmmmm)?



It's a good term. Maybe it could mean the act of repeatedly making smilarly named entries without the use of tags for later, easy, categorization.