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4 Jul 2006

Hmmm - one of mine says DMA 5 and the other DMA 2. I have no idea what that means really.

<br> DMA 2 - 33 Mb/s max. transfer rate<br> DMA 5 - 100 Mb/s max. transfer rate.<br> <br> This setting is actually quite useful - I have an old server which keeps reverting to PIO on the primary disk... this should keep it chugging along for a few more months withouth being painfully slow...

Chris McKeown

So the question arises - how do I know if I can up the setting to a higher rate as suggested?


You'd need to know what your IDE controller and hard disk are capable of. I dunno what would happen if you just forced UDMA 6 - perhaps it would just run at the max speed that it was capable of.

Chris McKeown