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11 Jul 2006

I prefered the <a href="">total perspective vortex</a> myself.


anybody wanna trade pixels with me?


Well that just CAN'T be right. All I see are Red Indians, a whole lot of Limeys and a bunch of Africans down at the bottom. Where are all the Yellow people?


Gee, in the whole colour spectrum, I'm the only white pixel?!?!


run-length encoding is wonderful. presumably a lambda-complete representation of this could do the stars in an infinitely expanding universe, and pursaps would be dragged off the RHS in a desperate search for the 'end'<br><br>I'm wondering if this can be a nasty attack on a dumb browser saving the image as a bitmap..


I don't believe it, how did they know which pixel was mine? That's amazing!

john Weeks

Hang on...

...something not quite right here.<br><br>According to my browser, that image is some 13,000-whatever by 500 pixels. That makes about 6.5 million of 'em, not 6.5 billion, by my reckoning.<br><br>So, am I going mad, is my browser going mad, am I missing something, or can the person who set up that site just not count?<br><br>Answers on a postcard to the usual address.


You are absolutely correct. 13427x500 = 6,713,500.<br><br>So that pixel actually represents 1000 people....


get more pixel counts as you scroll right. the horizontal number changes. <br><br>you can confirm this by turning off automatic image loading on your browser. you can see the multiple image icons going right.



...I didn't check that. Haven't really got the time (or inclination) to go through and see whether there are, in fact, 900-1000 images on that page (which is how many the guy is going to need if they're all a similar size to the first one I checked), but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.<br><br>Still not sure why he's done it though. Oh well, takes all sorts...


Maybe they are using special '<i>dense pixel</i>' technology - I also noticed the million/billion discrepancy. From the not so nice dept, here's a rather disturbing website about what some pixels are doing to other pixels:<br><a href=""></a>

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