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14 Jul 2006

100 things - 99 is the best

I've voted in every single State &amp; Federal election in Australia since 1988 &amp; I have never *once* seen a barbecue at the polling stations.<br><br>sadly.


#75 is *almost* correct:<br /> George I >><br /> George II ><br /> George IV ><br /> Victoria (young head) >


ah rats, the HTML effect

#75 is *almost* correct (facing):<br /> George I (R)<br /> George II (L)<br /> George III (R)<br /> George IV (L)<br /> William IV (R)<br /> Victoria (young head) (L)<br /> Victoria (jubilee head) (L)<br /> Victoria (old head) (L)<br /> Edward VII (R)<br /> George V (L)<br /> George VI (L) !!!<br /> Elizabeth II (young head) (R)<br /> Elizabeth II (current) (R)


He's a numismatist!


Chy,<br><br>You gotta move to suburbia. My local polling place is the primary school. Guaranteed sausage sizzle on election day.

Chris Kuan

What do they mean in #20? <a href="">The Queen has supposedly sent and email in 1976. (scroll almost all the way down).</a>


You just gotta luv "supposed emails" :-) :-) :-)<br>Funny, if you check outside the UK the coins don't follow this pattern at all - Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, etc.


I like that you are all dying to get a big sausage on Election day.