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17 Sep 2009


This guy is either just sadly lacking in the scientific understanding department (and very bad at expressing himself to boot) or he&#39;s simply spouting utter cobblers. Having spent a little time looking around his website, I still can&#39;t make my mind up one way or the other...<br />


<p>It&#39;s kinda broken, but solid in great swaths. The Casimir effect, alone, makes the quantum case.</p>


<p>&quot;I still can&#39;t make my mind up one way or the other...&quot;</p><p>Yea, what gives with this guy. His treatise on Morel evolution was riveting, but....</p><p> &quot;<font face="Verdana" size="2">The biology of anthrax shows that it is not a terrorist weapon.&quot;?</font></p><p>&quot;<font face="Verdana" size="2">Thirty one thousand scientists signed a petition saying humans are not the cause of global warming.&quot;?</font> </p>

John Weeks

<p>JW-You invested so much time in his embrace of some factual &#39;collective inferences&#39; that are unkind to the &#39;Cartesian&#39; model, let alone the subset of our current physics. invest in what you have left. </p><p> </p>