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30 Sep 2009

I haven't checked yet but I suspect I will have Google Wave invitations if anyone is desperate for one.

I'll take one off your hands if you have any spare Lindsay. Thanks.

David Fisher

please please please

I would kill for one of those... pleeeeasee? : ) thanks


just in case... my address:<br /> ahernandezsanchez [at]<br /> <br /> thanks ; )

Kerne again

In the interests of showing both sides of the coin...

<p>...if you get one, then I definitely DON&#39;T want one. There seems to be an awful lot of hype about Google Wave, but from what I have read about it so far, there doesn&#39;t seem to be enough substance there to justify the level of hype that&#39;s being hyped (so to speak).</p><p>I mean, I&#39;m sure that the folks over at Google are planning on doing some fun, clever and slick things, but the basic idea still just seems to be online, multimedia collaboration with some extra bells and whistles and all mangled together using HTML5. And presumably any odd bits of Google Magic (TM) that they need to invent along the way to plug any holes.</p><p>I mean, it&#39;s still not exactly world-shatteringly novel when it comes to the underlying, real-world concept, is it? It&#39;s not like it&#39;s going to make your computer suddenly become ultra-reliable and super-efficient, or give it a direct neural interface, or provide perfect natural language recognition, or any of several dozen other things that would be serious advances to the state of the art that would revolutionize things for almost everyone. </p><p>So I&#39;m afraid that I&#39;m going to be all curmudgeonly and go with The Register on this kind of thing: &quot;Web 2.0, it&#39;s all made out of badger&#39;s paws&quot;.</p><p>And no, I&#39;m not entirely sure what that means either...</p><p><img src="../../js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-smile.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /> <br /></p>


Wave Invite

I would love an invite should you come across an extra. Thanks in advance.



<p>over here!</p><p>don&#39;t worry, I can catch it! <br /></p>

john weeks