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20 Nov 2009

Read the kanji - very good!!!! The only problem is that I can't work out how to enter the little tsu that indicates a pause. That and the fact I don't know many of the the characters.


Try enabling kotoeri and typing "tt" for "tsu" for example: Hattori<br /> <br /> はっとり


Chisai Tsu (little tsu)

<p>Ole is correct. I&#39;m only saying the same thing differently:</p><p>If your keyboard is set up for Japanese input, simply double the consonant that you want the &quot;chisai tsu&quot; to appear before. My name is &quot;Rick&quot; for example, but in Japanese ri+ku is pronounced just like you see it (i.e. two syllables). If you enter &quot;rikku&quot; in roman script the software will show the correct kana. In the middle of a word the chisai tsu is kind of like a pause. At the end of a word it&#39;s more like a hard stop. So, typing &quot;rikku&quot; gives you a word that is pronounced more closely to &quot;Rick&quot; than &quot;riku&quot; does.</p><p> Hope this makes sense!</p><p> Rick <br /></p>

Rick White

This is excellent. My wife will be using this for quite awhile!<br />