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27 Jan 2010

Tired already of people ranting about how bad the iPad is - any expectations they had were entirely their own invention. Oh, and of people making tampon jokes - nobody ever made that joke about NotePad so why make it about this?

IProduct Parody

<p> </p><p>Probably because of this skit from Mad <br />TV from a few years back:;feature=related<br /></p>


Hackable. Need.


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Canvas Art

Oh dear...

<p>Looks like the bamming spastards are out and about again.</p><p>But in other news...</p><p>On the one hand, there does seem to be an inordinate amount of iPad bashing going on out there - much of it the usual &quot;anti-Apple&quot; stuff. However, on the other hand (and from what I&#39;ve seen/read so far) the iPad does have a bit of a whiff of missed opportunity about it at the moment. I can&#39;t see any compelling reason to get one.</p><p>Just have to wait and see whether it gains a real foothold in the market and how it then develops I guess. But for now - even assuming that I had a few hundred quid going spare that I wanted to blow on a techno-toy - the iPad doesn&#39;t cut it for me. <br /></p>


<p>It isn&#39;t actually &#39;out&#39; yet, the functionality is not in stone. Detractors=Empty barrels making more noise...All Apple devices are hacker-friendly and can be used the way God intended despite the prophet Jobs. At worst this WILL be my awesome touch remote and web device that reads PDFs-runs SAFARI [which covers anything I need] and can wifi access. I would even consider hacking this into a iPad/Skype phone. I have pretty much everything the Apple makes and I still use my whip-fast stripped XP hack machines with Quad core devotion and a thirsty set of HDs! </p>